Please find outlined below a guide to our treatment fees. It’s important to remember that these amounts are the starting levels, and the cost of your treatment could vary, depending on your individual requirements.

When you have a consultation, we will create an individual quote for your treatment, based on your exact requirements and circumstances. We offer some great monthly payment plans (including 0% finance, Denplan and Denplan Hygiene Plan) to make treatment easier to budget for.  Ask our team for more information.

Before we start any treatment we will make sure you receive a clear, detailed plan and cost breakdown so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. If you have any questions about our treatments or fees, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our friendly team.

Comprehensive new patient examination£72.00
2nd opinion without X-Rays£90.00
Routine examination (existing patient exam)£47.00
Small X-ray£14.00
Full mouth digital X-ray£42.00
Emergency treatment / temporary fillingfrom £110.00
Prescription or advice£54.00
Routine appointment with Hygienist£52.50
Intensive appointment with Hygienist£73.00
Extensive appointment with Hygienist£99.00
Extra extensive appointment with HygienistP.O.A.
Fissure sealantfrom £35.00
Course of periodontal treatmentsfrom £500.00
Composite small (white filling)from £95.00
Composite largefrom £250.00
Composite artistryfrom £275.00
Cosmetic crowns (metal free)from £695.00
Tooth whitening (home kits)£395.00
Smile makeover assessment and wax upfrom £595.00 per arch
Occlusal assessment£450.00
Veneersfrom £750.00
Headache & Clenching Prevention
Grinding appliance – chair side£195.00
Grinding appliance – laboratory made (with slide bar)£395.00
Snoring Prevention & Sports Guards
Somnowell appliance – Chrome£1550.00
Somnowell Clear£699.00
Blue Pro£199.00
Sports guards / Mouth guardsfrom £100.00
Amalgam (metal)from £110.00
Root Canal Treatment Non-Specialist
Root treatment (front tooth)from £325.00
Root treatment (pre-molar)from £395.00
Root treatment (molar)from £495.00
CBCT scan£115.00
Specialist Endodontist
Incisor and canines£695.00
Re-Rootreatmentfrom £725.00
Crown and Bridge Restoration
Bonded porcelain crownfrom £595.00
Re-cement crown/bridgefrom £125.00
Bridge (replacing one tooth)from £1500.00
Full dentures (acrylic) upper & lowerfrom £995.00
Full upper OR full lower denturefrom £620.00
Chrome metal partial denturefrom £1250.00
Flexible partial denturefrom £850.00
Dental Implants
Implantologist consultation fee£125.00
Implant proceduresfrom £2395.00
Bone graftingfrom £500.00
Miscellaneous Treatments
Planned tooth extractionfrom £120.00
Specialist Periodontal (gum treatment)
Assessment and plan£125.00
Treatment (per appointment)from £500.00
Review appointment£125.00
Invisalign Basic Package
(incl. free smile evaluation, full mouth X-ray, Clinicheck video, Invisalign treatment & 1 Set of Essix retainers)
Lite Case (Under 14 Aligners)£2495.00
Invisalign Premium Package
(incl. free smile evaluation, full consultation & dental check-up, X-rays, scale & polish/Hygienist appointment, teeth whitening, fixed bonded retainer, 3 sets of Invisalign Vivera Retainers, contouring)
Lite Case (Under 14 Aligners)£3695.00
Full Case (15-29 Aligners)£4395.00
Severe Case (30+ Aligners)£4995.00
Orthodontic Retainers
Removable retainers (1 set)£300.00
Vivera retainers (3 sets)£600.00
Fixed retainer£250.00