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A healthy mouth helps to prevent future dental problems, as well as allowing you to eat, talk and laugh with confidence. Our Dental Hygienists are a very experienced, gentle team who understand that some people may be embarrassed about their oral health.

They will take the time to ease your worries, give you an excellent deep clean and show you great techniques and practices to help you and your family achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. If you would like to book a Hygienist appointment, please get in touch with our friendly reception team.

Jayne – Dental Hygienist
GDC No – 141402

Jayne joined us in 2010 and has a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy with a merit in the further and adult education teacher certificate from Kings College, London.

As a Dental Hygienist, she is able to treat patients for routine hygiene appointments and restorations and she has invaluable experience in the treatment and management of gum disease conditions – the biggest cause of tooth loss.

Jayne encourages preventative care with all her patients and believes good oral health education is the key to maintaining a healthy smile and keeping your natural teeth for longer.

Her favourite aspect of work at The Essex Smile Centre is the supportive team. Jayne’s professionalism means she is committed to expanding her professional knowledge by maintaining her continued professional development through reading publications and attending courses regularly.

Married with two boys, in her spare time, she enjoys interior design, furniture restoration, upholstery and selling home décor and vintage brocante. She also has a dog Buddy who enjoys eating her shoes.

We asked…

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend?

A: Visit antique vintage fairs followed by a walk in the park with the children then a lovely dinner somewhere.

Jenny – Dental Hygienist
GDC No – 176896

Jenny was a Dental Nurse prior to attaining her Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the prestigious Eastman Dental Hospital and joining us in 2011.

She had always wanted to become a Dental Hygienist since she was 12 and is passionate about dental health education and passing on her professional knowledge to improve the oral health for all her patients.

Outside of work she enjoys cycling and baking.  She has attended many baking and cake decorating courses but is yet to perfect a tasty, tooth friendly cake recipe.  But is working on it.

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Peace – Dental Hygienist
GDC No – 287225

After studying Pharmacology at Nottingham Trent University (2014 – 2017), Peace went on to graduate in Dental Hygiene from Eastman Dental Hospital (2019). She joined the Essex Smile Centre in August 2020 having worked previously for a practice in South London.

With her caring manner, Peace has proved a huge hit within our team and the patients she works with. Her special areas of interest are whitening children’s teeth, as well as the elderly, and she achieves the greatest satisfaction when helping anxious patients to overcome their fears.

Away from the practice, Peace loves fashion, holidays and going out for dinner. She has a close family and a boyfriend with whom she enjoys spending time. Her motto is “No risk, no reward” adding that “You’ve only got one life, so live it to the fullest!”

We asked…

What’s the last great extravagance you splashed out on?

A: It was a handbag for my Mum’s birthday.


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Jemima – Dental Hygienist
GDC No – 289358

After attending King Edmund School, Jemima studied at the University of Birmingham where she attained her BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy.

Jemina knows that trust is a crucial aspect of her daily work and enjoys helping patients feel comfortable as she advises on good brushing and flossing techniques that prevent gum disease. Eventually, she would like to broaden her role in periodontology and help introduce therapy as standard in general practice.

Living at home with her parents and older sister, she currently has no pets but is still trying! Her hobbies are generally anything water and horse related.

Jemima’s favourite song of all time is Head and Heart by Joel Corry, her favourite food is a classic roast dinner and she loves splashing out on house plants (her bedroom looks like a jungle).

We asked…

What experience on your ‘bucket list’ would you most like to cross off next?

A: Flying lesson – my Dad’s done it, so I’ve got to tick it off the list too!