Composite Bonding Essex

An advanced dentistry technique that allows you to achieve the smile you have always wanted without damaging your teeth

Regain the confidence to show off your smile


Composite artistry, also known as composite bonding, is an advanced dentistry technique that allows you to achieve the smile you have always wanted without damaging your teeth.

Dental composite is a versatile glass like material that can be bonded directly to the tooth to replace a broken edge, to lighten teeth, to improve tooth proportions and form, or to redesign your entire smile.

Bonding is a popular cosmetic dental treatment used to improve the colour, shape and overall appearance of teeth. Using colour matched filling materials, our expert dentists are able to change the shape and contour of a person’s teeth to create a beautiful smile.

These advanced bonding techniques can be used as part of a smile makeover or to repair chipped and damaged teeth. The materials used allow us to produce results that are not just amazing but completely natural in appearance.

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    Here are a few dental issues that can be resolved using composite bonding;

    Cracked teeth
    Using composite artistry, we can help prevent existing cracks from extending. This unique material can also help minimise the appearance of cracks, especially miniscule cracks that may be extensive and cause your smile to become discoloured.

    Chipped teeth
    Composite tooth bonding is an excellent treatment choice for repairing chipped teeth. Using our specially formulated bonding material our skilled dentists can restore the tooth, prevent further damage and create an even, blemish free surface. These results can often be obtained in a single visit – restoring your confidence with a flawless smile.

    Close gaps in teeth
    Using our composite resin, we can build outwards using the teeth on either side of the gap to effectively close the space. However, if the gap is very wide or if you have multiple gaps in your smile, then an alternative treatment such as Invisalign or dental veneers may be recommended instead.

    Protect exposed tooth roots
    This specially formulated resin can even be used in the treatment of exposed tooth roots. Our experts can mould the resin into place to conceal exposed roots and prevent the painful sensitivity that it causes.

    Take a look at some of the wonderful results we have achieved with these composite tooth bonding techniques in our Smile Gallery.


    • Your dentist will colour match the bonding resin to the natural shade of your teeth
    • They then carefully apply the resin to the teeth causing no structural harm or damage.
    • The resin is then shaped and used to smooth surfaces and cover imperfections for quick natural results.
    • Using a special light, the resin is then hardened.

    Although composite bonding won’t last as long or look as amazing as veneers, this quick and pain-free treatment is very cost-effective and can be repeated as required with no damage to the teeth.


    Composite bonding is a minimally invasive treatment that can create a mini smile makeover in just one short session, usually after teeth whitening and an assessment wax-up from our specialist laboratory.


    The length of time that composite bonding will last largely depends on the individual. If cared for correctly with regular dental check-ups, most composite bonds should last for around 5-8 years.


    As with every dental treatment, prices vary according to the individual, the treatment required, how many teeth and the number of visits that will be necessary.

    If you would like more details regarding the cost of our composite bonding treatments, then please get in touch to book an initial assessment. The leading specialists of composite bonding Essex at The Essex Smile Centre would be delighted to help.