Endodontics – also known as ‘root canal therapy’ is the only treatment that can be used to save decayed and broken teeth that might otherwise have to be removed.

Here at The Essex Smile Centre we are proud to work with Dr Pierluca Campana, our clinical specialist who heads up our Endodontics department. Pierluca is a skilled endodontic specialist and, combined with years of education and experience, he is able to save teeth that many other dentists would simply have to remove.

Root canal treatment can be carried out by all of our expert dentists. However, Dr Pierluca is a specialist in this field and accepts referrals for more complex cases. To complement the work of our renowned dentists, we also invest in the latest equipment and training techniques to ensure minimal discomfort and maximum results for our patients.

Dr Pierluca Campana, our clinical specialist, head of our Endodontics department

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics focuses mainly on the management and treatment of conditions that affect the ‘pulp’ of the tooth. This pulp is the part of the inner tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves which can be damaged by trauma, cracks and decay. This can often lead to tooth removal.

Who would need root canal treatment?

When the inner part of the tooth (or pulp) becomes infected or traumatised, it spreads to the root canal system, sometimes leading to an abscess. These inflamed areas around the tooth contain pus, which causes the tissue to swell. This results in pain ranging from a slight ache to severe tenderness and discomfort – especially when eating. In most cases, if a root canal treatment is not carried out in time then the infection will spread and lead to the removal of the whole tooth.

What does a root canal treatment entail?

Root canal treatment is most commonly carried out under a local anaesthetic.

The main aim of endodontic treatment is to remove all traces of infection from the root canal by eradicating the damaged pulp and disinfecting the resulting space. Once the infection is removed the space is then cleaned and sealed using a special material to help prevent any further infections.

Because a ‘dead tooth’ can be more brittle, a crown is often recommended to provide extra strength and support to the tooth.
Each case is unique and root canal is often a time-consuming process. So, depending on the individual, several visits for treatment may be required.

Does having a root canal hurt?

Root canal treatment is usually performed under local anaesthetic meaning that it is not particularly painful – with a similar level of discomfort to a regular filling. The area may be tender for a while afterwards, but this should lessen over time.

What will the tooth look like after a root canal?

Historically a tooth that had undergone a root canal treatment would tend to darken. Nowadays, using the latest techniques, this can often be prevented. If for any reason discolouration were to occur, there are several treatment options that can help restore the tooth to its natural colour, especially if it is located at the front of your mouth.

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The cost of root canal will depend on the individual and the course of treatment needed.
At The Essex Smile Centre our team will always provide you with the best care possible, ensuring your comfort is maintained throughout. For more information on our Endodontist in Essex or to discuss pricing please – contact our friendly team and book an appointment.