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CBCT Scanner

Ongoing investment in
the latest technologies

The latest CBCT Scanning equipment available on site

We are continually developing our skills and investing in the newest and most innovative treatments and technologies at the practice to provide our patients with the highest quality and most up to date dental care possible.

Our highly trained clinical team are able to offer advanced treatments using our CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner, a state-of-the-art scanning machine used to produce incredible 3D images.

The Essex Smile Centre is one of the relatively few practices in South Essex to have this state-of-the-art facility in house. With this technology we can offer high resolution images of both upper and lower jaws down to single tooth scan details at high speed.

Our CBCT scanner is an advanced diagnostic tool that takes a 3D CT scan of the jaw using the lowest possible radiation dose amongst products available internationally and the images produced are comparable to medical CTs.

We find this technology is invaluable when considering complex treatments and surgical procedures such as dental implant placement and bone augmentation. 3D imaging is also useful diagnostic tool for orthodontics, endodontics and periodontal treatments.

For any 3D dental CBCT scan related questions or appointments – whether you are a patient or referring dentist – Talk to our friendly team. We would be delighted to help.

Advantages of CBCT scanning technology for our patients include.

  • It’s minimally invasive which is particularly beneficial to anxious patients.
  • Provides the patient with an improved understanding of the treatment plan as images can be used to explain how a procedure is going to work.
  • The efficacy of treatment is increased and potential risks and mistakes are greatly reduced.

For our dentists, the advantages include:

  • The scanner produces incredibly accurate and detailed images, which are beneficial during the detection and diagnosis of oral health problems.
  • Scanned images can be used to monitor the efficacy of treatment and can also aid in the planning of treatment.
  • Dentists can use the detailed images to talk openly to patients about oral health conditions and more easily explain how treatment will work.
  • CBCT scanners also improve accuracy, as they provide incredibly detailed images and allow dentists to assess the risk of a procedure or course of treatment.

What are CBCT scanners used for?

CBCT scanners are becoming increasingly important, as dentistry evolves and becomes more dependent on technology. The CBCT scanner used at The Essex Smile Centre has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Dental implant planning and placement
  • Diagnosis and detection of infections and tumours
  • Oral surgery
  • Complex endodontic cases
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Periodontal disease

Find out how our 3D-Imaging technology could help you have the smile you deserve. Talk to our friendly team.

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