Wrinkle Reduction


Subdue the tell-tale signs of ageing and stop wrinkles in their tracks. Anti-wrinkle injections are extremely popular for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles.  The injections temporarily paralyse the underlying facial muscles and stop the skin from creasing which causes wrinkles to form in the first place.

So if you are starting to notice a few early lines setting in, Anti-wrinkle injections could well be the perfect anti-aging treatment for you. The most common areas to suffer the effects of creasing are crows feet (around the eyes, forehead and between the eyes). The injections target a specific muscle in the face and stops the contracting and relaxing activity which causes the “creasing” effect.

If you would like to find out more about wrinkle reduction treatments watch the video or you can book a consultation by getting in touch with our friendly team. In your consultation we’ll assess your medical history, make a full examination of your facial muscles, take photographs and discuss your expectations and aspirations.

Find out more about Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Have we piqued your interest? Facial aesthetic treatments are a popular way of regaining plump, youthful skin and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. But are they safe? Here’s our guide to anti-wrinkle treatment for beginners from Jay…

Anti-wrinkle injections are very effective treatment for men and women and can help address:

Crows feet, frown lines and worry lines

Boost Eyebrows

Uplift the corners of the mouth

Lip augmentation (to address high gummy smiles)

Treatment can be repeated three or four times a year and after multiple treatments the effects may last for up to six months. The benefits include:

Enhanced natural features of your face

Widen the eyes for a well-rested look

Quick and relatively painless

Safe and if done well no one will be able to tell