Our Referrals Process


We pride ourselves on being a dental referral centre, providing advanced and specialist dentistry here in Rayleigh, Essex.

We accept referrals from dentists, dental therapists/hygienists and dental technicians.

Individuals seeking treatment are also welcome to contact us directly, or ask their current dentist for a referral.

All our dental referrals are quick and straightforward.

We offer a dental referral service for

If you wish to make a referral you can complete a form online (using either the Referral form for Dentists, or Referral form for Patients), or request a paper form by phone, email or by coming into the practice.

Referral Guide

We’re happy to take referrals both from patients and dentists. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to access high-quality care across all areas of dentistry, so we have created an easy referral process. You can access our care with a referral from your current dentist, or if you would prefer to contact us directly that’s absolutely fine too. Watch our video to find out more.