Advanced Dentistry


For many patients, there will come a time when they may want or need more advanced dental treatments. At this point, it is reassuring to know that you needn’t worry about having to seek your advanced treatments elsewhere. Here at The Essex Smile Centre you have access to our extensive range of dentistry services – from the practice you know and the team you can trust.

Our experienced, friendly team are committed to investing in the latest training and technology to ensure that our patients receive the very best care and support at every stage of their treatments.


Types of Advanced Dental Treatments

At The Essex Smile Centre our highly qualified team of dental experts provide a wide range of advanced dentistry solutions including;

Dental Implants

For those struggling with the loss of one or more tooth, dental implants are a long term solution that delivers hard wearing, realistic results that can be life changing for some patients.

The Straumann dental implant system that we use provides the very best in dental implants that both look and feel just like the natural teeth. The results mean that patients can feel confident about their smile again and no longer have to worry about covering up their mouths or temporary teeth coming loose. Dental Implants are the safest and most conservative way of filling in missing teeth without compromising the health of the adjacent teeth.


This type of dentistry also known as ‘root canal therapy’ focuses on managing and treating conditions that affect the inner tooth (pulp) which can often lead to tooth loss or removal.

Endodontic treatments performed by our Endodontic Specialists often include thoroughly cleaning and removing the signs of infection to the pulp area caused by cracks, decay and trauma. Once this is done the area is sealed to prevent further infections under a rubber dam device.

Some dentists simply remove teeth that show this type of damage but our experts understand how this can impact the patient and so we endeavour to save teeth (where possible) that many other dentists would simply remove.


In dental context, occlusion is the name to describe the contact between teeth when they approach each other and the way they meet when you bite together. Having a misaligned bite can lead to a number of problems such as teeth grinding, worn teeth, pain, gum disease and tooth loss which is why it is best to get it treated as soon as possible.

There are various treatment options available for dental occlusion and these will depend on the individual patient and the type of occlusion they have. Some treatments available include – night/bite guard, orthodontics, tooth adjustment and tooth replacement.


Our clinicians in Periodontics are instrumental in helping patients manage gum disease and prevent any future or further tooth loss.

Caused by bacteria that live in the mouth, gum disease irritates and degrades the bone slowly over time and quite often with the patient completely unaware – this is why it is commonly referred to as a ‘silent disease’.

But with expert care our experts can carry out vital treatment allowing damaged gums and tissue to heal and preventing tooth loss that would otherwise be inevitable.

How Much Do Advanced Dental Treatments Cost?

As with all dental treatments, pricing will depend on the individual’s dental requirements and their tailor made treatment plan. However if you have any questions at all regarding pricing please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will happily talk you through our pricing and our payment options.

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