What to expect from Tooth Whitening

What to expect from Tooth Whitening

In the past few years here has been an increase in the number of people turning to tooth whitening to improve the appearance of their smile. Recent research indicates most people believe that a nice smile is one of the most attractive physical attributes someone can have.  Tooth whitening is a procedure which does not cause any damage to the natural teeth. However, tooth whitening will not have any impact on restorations on your teeth. This may mean that crowns, bridges or dentures may need to be remade following a course of tooth whitening to ensure that continue to match seamlessly the natural colour of your teeth.
Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons including general ageing, smoking, foods and drinks.

At Home Tooth whitening

The dentist will take impressions of your teeth which are used to create custom made whitening trays. The dentist will show you how to apply the whitening gel to the trays and will advise on how often and for how long you will need to wear the trays. This will depend on the strength of the whitening gel and how quickly you are looking to get results.

Tooth whitening is normally expected to last for a few years but this will depend on your diet and other habits. For example, if you are a smoker or if you drink a lot of tea, coffee or red wine the results will not last as long.

In 2012 new regulations where brought into effect, stating that tooth whitening is a dental procedure and as such should only be carried out by qualified dental professionals. Regulation was also bought into effect to limit the strength of the whitening solutions used. Dentists can use solutions up to a maximum of 6% hydrogen peroxide whereas over the counter products and kits can only contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This would be considered too low to have any noticeable effect on the colour of your teeth. So if you are looking for a safe and effective way to whiten your teeth consider asking your dentist at your next appointment at The Essex Smile Centre.

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