Top tips for teaching your children good dental habits

Top tips for teaching your children good dental habits

Top tips for teaching your children good dental habits

Teaching your children good dental habits from a young age is an investment in their health that will last a lifetime.

Here at The Essex Smile Centre we have 5 top tips to ensure that you help to protect your children’s teeth and gums:

1. Lead by Example

It is important to ensure that you set a good example. By taking good care of your own teeth, you send the message to your children that oral hygiene is an important part of daily life.

2. Make brushing fun

There are a number of ways to ensure that tooth brushing does not become a chore. This could include letting your children pick their own toothbrush with their favourite TV and film characters or brushing along to their favourite song to ensure that they are brushing for the recommended two minutes.

3. Incorporate technology

An electric toothbrush can be a great motivator for children to regularly brush their teeth. There are a wide variety available aimed at children so you are bound to find one that appeals to your child. There are also apps available to help track brushing with rewards for those who manage to brush for two minutes, twice a day, all week.

4. Show missed areas

Using disclosing tablets once a month can provide a great aid to show any areas that need further attention. By joining in you can show that no-one gets everything perfectly all the time, but good brushing technique can help to reduce those areas routinely missed and avoid the risk of decay.

5. Attend for regular Dental Appointments

It is recommended that children start to attend for dental appointments with their parents as soon as their teeth first start to come through. This ensures that they get used to the unfamiliar noises, smells and surroundings. By starting early, you can reduce the fear so often associated with a visit to the dentist.

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