Top tips for a peaceful night

Top tips for a peaceful night

Snoring occurs when during sleep the lower jaw and tongue can fall back, reducing the size of the airway in the throat. The narrowed airway means that the lungs need to draw air in at a higher velocity in order to ensure you still receive enough oxygen. The increased airflow causes soft tissues in the throat and behind the tongue to vibrate.

It is believed that around one third of people suffer with snoring to some degree. Snoring is known as a chronic condition and can leave to serious health problems. It can lead to a lack of energy, poor concentration, mood swings and irritability. Snoring can also put serious strain on relationships. Couples affected by snoring often go to bed at different times and may even sleep in separate bedrooms.

Snoring Solutions

1. Exercises
Exercises designed to reduce snoring aim to strengthen and tone the throat and jaw muscles are likely to be beneficial in reducing snoring.

2. Sleep pillows
Sleep pillows aim to maintain an open airway using positional therapy. Positional therapy can offer some help in mild snoring cases. However, the sufferer can move at any time making the pillow ineffective.

3. Nasal Strips
Nasal strips work on the assumption that snoring is caused by a nasal blockage and they therefore aim to increase the dilation of the nasal passage and improve the airflow. Although some snoring can be linked to nasal blockage, the majority of problematic snoring is caused by reduced airflow in the throat.

4. Surgery
This is a popular choice as it offers a lifetime cure from snoring, with a short operation at the back of the throat with a laser. Unfortunately, the results from this have not been very positive as for some people surgery does not work and for others they find that the effects wear off over time.

5. Specialist Oral devices
Here at The Essex Smile Centre we are able to offer three different specialist oral devices to help improve your snoring – Somnowell, Sleepwell and BluePro. The customised dental splints are worn during sleep and help to align the jaw, maintaining a clear airway. This can help to reduce and even eliminate snoring. With a range of different designs and materials we will be able to find the best device for your needs.

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