The Benefits Of Using Straumann Implants

The Benefits Of Using Straumann Implants

Superior Dental Implant Technology Delivered By Cosmetic Experts

Straumann implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth or poor alignment. On Tuesday 3rd March, our resident implantologist Deepam Patel is hosting an Implant Open Night at the Essex Smile Centre. Why not come to meet him to learn more about how this incredible cosmetic dental treatment works.

Half of British adults are known to hate smiling due to the appearance and condition of their teeth. In a recent study of 2,000 participants, it was found that one in five believe their poor dental health also affects their ability to make friends. The negative consequences of an unattractive smile can have a devastating effect on a person’s mental health, and a fifth of those surveyed believe that their teeth are more responsible for low self-esteem than their personal physique, hair loss or wrinkles.

For those who wish to transform their smile and restore much-needed confidence, the Essex Smile Centre is proud to be able to offer Straumann Implants as a world-class solution for dental aesthetics.

Introducing Straumann Implants

Although there are a number of techniques we use to deliver the ultimate smile makeover, if you suffer from missing teeth, then the Straumann dental implant system is simply lifechanging. Straumann implants are superior to other dental implants in the industry, due to the advanced technology behind this type of cosmetic procedure. Your new implanted tooth or teeth will allow you to smile, laugh and even eat with confidence again, safe in the knowledge that you have been equipped with an artificial replacement that is durable and long-lasting.

Extensive Research

The Straumann Company has been in operation in Switzerland in the 1950s and is a market leader in terms of dental research and products within the industry. The organisation works extensively alongside international dental research bodies including International Team for Implantology (ITI) and the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), in order to develop superior systems for dental consumers to benefit from. The Essex Smile Centre is therefore delighted to be able to offer Straumann implants to all suitable patients who wish to benefit from this extraordinary dental technology.

Straightforward Routine Procedure

Straumann dental implants use titanium which secure the artificial tooth straight into the jawbone in the position of where a natural tooth’s root would be. The body is able to cope with the introduction of titanium which allows the gum and jawbone to heal rapidly without rejecting the implant.

As titanium is accepted by the body and bonds with oral tissue so easily, this type of treatment is entirely safe and is categorised as a routine procedure.

Why Titanium?

You shouldn’t expect any nasty side effects from this treatment as titanium is entirely compatible with the human body. In fact, titanium is frequently used across different types of medicine and is particularly useful as the ideal material to make replacement body parts from. Whether you need an artificial hip, kneecap, or in this case dental implants, titanium is known to be the most biocompatible metal available to us. It’s entirely safe to be introduced into our living tissue and doesn’t suffer from corrosion when mixed with our body’s fluids, so of course this makes it the perfect choice for Straumann dental implants.

Fixed Base for Dentures

The versatility of Straumann implants also allow this technology to be used as a fixed base to anchor dental crowns and dental bridges alongside dentures. This means that the system can be used as a solution for patients with any number of missing teeth, from where just a single implant is required right through to an entire set.

How To Get Straumann Dental Implants

If you’d like to enhance your smile this year, the specialist team at Essex Smile Centre are happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We can carry out your dental implant treatment at our clinic, which will begin with a free smile evaluation appointment with one of our cosmetic implantologists.


Patient care is our number one priority so we’ll ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the implant treatment and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure itself or regarding the recovery period afterwards. We’ll provide you with a cost breakdown for our Straumann implants package and a detailed plan for the treatment.


Dental implants are a fantastic solution for most of our patients but there are a few lifestyle factors that will affect the suitability of this treatment. If you’re a diabetic, then your condition must be stable and controlled prior to commencing this procedure. Those who are smokers and heavy drinkers are also not ideal candidates due to the added risk of periodontal disease, bone loss and inflammatory conditions which are associated with these habits.


When it’s time to proceed, the team will take CT scans to determine the condition of your jawbone and whether you have strong enough bone levels to continue with the implant treatment. The scan may reveal that parts of your existing tooth need to be removed before the implantation can occur.


Surgery for Straumann dental implants occurs under local anaesthetic, except in less than 1% of cases where general anaesthesia may be required. Having the titanium post fixed into your jawbone is similar to having a filling put in. You can expect some mild discomfort and swelling for around three to five days afterwards. Following this, there’s a waiting period of between two to six months before you can have the artificial abutment joined to the top of your titanium post. This is to allow the jawbone enough time to heal around the titanium implant. During the waiting period, it’s possible for temporary teeth or bridges to be used to disguise the gaps in the mouth if you’re feeling self-conscious about your appearance. These can then be removed at your final fitting appointment. Straumann implants still have a 95% success rate ten years after treatment has taken place, which makes this a phenomenal solution for anyone with poor alignment or missing teeth. If you’d like the gift of an entirely natural, radiant smile this year, then you won’t find a better implant treatment available than the Straumann dental implant system.

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