Patient update – we’re open for business

Patient update – we’re open for business

To our valued patients,

We wanted to update you, as best we can, with the situation as it stands right now in relation to your dental care here at The Essex Smile Centre.

It is very hard to make sense of the world around us at the present time, but we want to ensure that all of our valued patients, old and new, who come into the practice, feel safe and protected and know we are doing everything possible to ensure, not only your good health, but that of our staff.

Firstly, we are doing all we can to stay open and maintain business as usual. Our fab cosmetic dentists are continuing to complete your Smile Evaluations. These are low risk consultations and many cosmetic treatments can be completed, such as Invisalign and tooth whitening, with little invasive treatment. 

If you are over 70, have an underlying health condition or are pregnant, we recommend you do not come in for your regular appointment but instead give us a call and rearrange for a couple of weeks’ time. If you do want to come in, however, that is fine. But we will ask you to sign a consent form stating that we have informed you of the risks to your health.

If you are under 70 and wish to defer your appointment, we are more than happy for you to do so. But why not give us a call and chat through your concerns first.

Certain procedures may have to be cancelled due to the risks to our staff. If this is applicable to you then we will be in touch asap.

Implant treatment is very low risk and Deepam is continuing to place implants at this time.

Hygiene appointments are going ahead, unless we contact you to rearrange.

We will be asking you, if you are too early for an appointment or your dentist is running late, to either have a little walk up the High Street, or take a seat on our scenic roof terrace with a view! This is to limit the number of patients in the waiting room and therefore minimise any risk of infection.

Any of our staff who are presenting any cold or flu symptoms are currently self-isolating and we are taking no risks at all with their or your health.

You should be aware that we carry out routine decontamination and follow strict infection control procedures to a very high standard under normal circumstances and we continue to do so in this very unsettled period.

Throughout the day, all areas are decontaminated including all electrical equipment, door handles, payment machines etc. All patients are asked to sanitise their hands when they enter the practice.

We continue to screen each patient as they enter the building and if anyone has travelled or has signs of any of the symptoms, they are being asked to re-schedule their dental appointments.

Remember, if you are self-isolating and have any dental concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and member of our clinical team will be happy to help.

Sending you all our very best wishes, take care and stay safe.

All the team at The Essex Smile Centre.