Introducing Dr Jayesh Pala

Introducing Dr Jayesh Pala

Jayesh (or ‘Jay’) is an experienced cosmetic dentist here at the Essex Smile Centre and he is spearheading some of our latest cosmetic treatments.

A friendly dental clinician with a wide range of experiences, one of Jay’s growing areas of interest is aesthetic dentistry. His natural, holistic approach means that if you’re considering procedures such as dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, you’ll feel completely unrushed and free to ask your questions prior to treatment.

These non-surgical procedures can enhance, refine and revitalise your appearance, complementing previous dental work and enhancing your beautiful smile, helping you feel even more confident with your self-image.

During his consultations, Jay likes to involve the client as much as possible, focussing first on the end result they would like to achieve and working his way back from there.

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Watch the videos below to hear Jay in his own words describing the facial aesthetics treatments he offers. If you’d like to discuss these treatments with Jay in greater detail, please call the surgery or visit our website to make an appointment.