Full Mouth Rehabilitation


At The Essex Smile Centre we work to help patients who have suffered from damage or loss of multiple teeth through our full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

Whether it is due to age, genetics, lifestyle choices, trauma or gum disease, losing multiple teeth can have an extremely negative impact on a patients self-confidence not to mention their oral health.

Full mouth reconstruction helps to improve patients teeth aesthetically, restore the mouth to optimum functionality and give them a natural, beautiful smile that they will be happy to show off.



Full mouth dental reconstruction or rehabilitation as it is also known, combines a number of prosthodontic treatments to restore weak, worn, broken or missing teeth and protect them from further damage.

It can also be a suitable and beneficial treatment for patients who suffer from things such as jaw pain, chronic headaches and pain in the facial muscles which are typical symptoms of malocclusion. Those with these types of issues often need to have their bite adjusted in order to resolve the issue and the subsequent side effects that are damaging the teeth. The type of treatments used to restore a patients teeth will depend on the individual and their dental needs, but a combination of the following can be used;

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dental implants



Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Specifically designed for those with several broken, damaged or missing teeth, full mouth rehabilitation involves multiple restorative dentistry treatments. These are utilised to create a custom treatment plan that is tailored to the patients specific dental requirements to help restore their teeth, their bite and their smile. If the following apply to you then you could be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction dental implants;

  • Patients with a number of teeth that are broken, chipped, damaged, missing, have large fillings or decay.
  • Those with badly worn teeth as a result of grinding or sports injuries.
  • People born with rare oral conditions such as Ectodermal Dysplasia or Dentinogenetic Imperfecta.
  • In order to undergo full mouth reconstruction it is likely that some parts of the treatment will require some level of local anaesthesia so you must be able tolerate this type of sedation.
  • Your gums are swollen, bleeding, and painful.
  • There are signs of advanced gum disease (periodontitis) such as pockets forming between the gums and the teeth.

What Are The Benefits Of Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation?

Full mouth reconstruction might not be the most suitable treatment for all patients, as every body is completely unique just like their dental needs. However for those who are recommended this treatment path, there are a number of great advantages that you can benefit from including;

  • Full mouth restoration provides the mouth and supporting structures with a complete reconstruction that leads to better teeth positioning, comfort in the head and neck, an aesthetically improved smile and better overall health.
  • Full mouth reconstructions can greatly improve a patient’s self-confidence, changing the way they see themselves and engage with others as well as uplifting their overall wellbeing.
  • After treatment is complete, the chances of developing things such as plaque, periodontitis, gingivitis, decayed teeth and similar oral health issues are reduced.
  • Having a healthy mouth has been proven to boost the bodies overall health, reducing the chances of things like diabetes, heart attacks and other illnesses which can be linked to oral health.
  • Treatment helps to resolve chewing difficulty, problems with bad breath and improves the quality of sleep.

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    For each patients that undergoes full mouth rehabilitation treatment, their dentist will put together a clear and detailed plan, combining a mixture of restorative dental techniques most suited to their unique needs. This means that no 2 plans are exactly the same, but typically here is a look at the 5 steps that a full mouth reconstruction might entail.

    1. Assessment and Examination

    A thorough inspection of the patients teeth, gums, jaw joint / TMJ, muscles and supporting bones is conducted. At the same time detailed scans, photographs and x-rays are taken using the latest dental technology such as – TekScan bite analysis and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) which are then used to help identify what reconstruction is needed and which treatments will work best.

    1. Smile Design

    Using computer aided smile design software, the dentist will plan and create a full mouth rehabilitation that not only improves the way the mouth and teeth look aesthetically, but also how they function. The visual illustrations and plans created on the computer are used to discuss and illustrate to patients how the process will work, what the treatment will entail and how the results might look.

    3. A Model Mouth

    In order to create a precise 3D model of the mouth from which to work from, detailed impressions are taken of the patients teeth and mouth. These are then used to produce an actual model of what the teeth will look like, following the reconstruction. This means that the dentist and patient can see from every angle how the teeth will look and function as well as make any necessary changes before treatment gets underway.

    4. Temporises

    Once the teeth are prepared ready for the full mouth reconstruction, temporaries are used so that both the patient and the dentist can assess how the new teeth will feel, look, work and if any aesthetic or functional fine tuning needs making to the finished restoration.

    5. Completion of Reconstruction

    The full mouth reconstruction is fitted replicating the exact design and function from the 3D model and temporaries. Then the expert ceramist adds the surface anatomy, texture and fine colouring to the teeth, creating a beautiful, natural and complete smile.