Expect The Best From An Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

Expect The Best From An Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

Book Your Treatment With An Orthodontist Approved By Invisalign

If you’re booking teeth straightening treatment, be sure to look for the Invisalign Platinum Elite logo as a sign of experience and excellence!

Invisalign has revolutionised the treatment of misaligned teeth. If you long for straight, perfectly aligned teeth then you don’t need to settle for uncomfortable wires known as train tracks or the dreaded tin grin! Instead, Invisalign comes as a set of transparent removable braces which are barely detectable to others. You wear them for 21 hours each day for a prolonged period as they gently adjust your teeth to produce a straighter, beaming smile.

Benefits Of Invisalign Over A Traditional Brace

So, besides the cosmetic benefits of using Invisalign to obtain the perfect set of teeth, what other advantages does this innovative product have over the traditional metal brace?

  • Absolute discretion for the wearer
  • Your brushing and flossing routine can continue as normal as you’ll remove the brace beforehand
  • You can keep to your usual diet, including crunchy apples because you don’t wear Invisalign when you’re eating
  • There are reduced emergency dental treatments as there are no wires to damage your mouth
  • You can continue playing your usual sports without fear of your brace being knocked out

Invisalign Is The Perfect Tool For Straighter Teeth

Invisalign is the perfect straightening treatment for people of any age. Although teeth realignment is often synonymous with childhood dental visits, adults are increasingly interested in this type of procedure as it delivers such fantastic results at a cost-effective rate and can transform your smile in as little as 6-12 months.

However, for patients who are considering this treatment, it’s essential to remember that Invisalign is merely a tool. And like all tools, they’re only as good as the person who is using them. So for truly exceptional results, make sure you book in with an Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider, which is an accreditation that The Essex Smile Centre is proud to hold.

Superior To Basic Invisalign Platinum Provider Status

The accreditation system defined by Invisalign refers to the number of Invisalign treatments that the clinician has completed in a single year. In order to be accredited as an Invisalign Elite Provider, your dentist must have completed 81 successful treatments in a 12-month period using the Invisalign product and also have committed to carrying out the same number going forward each year. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Platinum Elite Invisalign level is superior to the basic Platinum provider Invisalign standard which is given to clinicians who have carried out 51 Invisalign treatments.

The Benefits Of Choosing An Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

By booking your treatment plan with an Invisalign Platinum Elite provider, you can be assured that your chosen clinician is entirely committed to the product and believes in the success and reliability of it. When you’re entrusting your cosmetic dental care to a dentist you want to be 100% sure of their loyalty to the product they’re working with, which is a given when you’re working with a practice that has taken the time to achieve the Invisalign certification standard.

However, the Invisalign Platinum Elite status is also a huge indication of the amount of experience that has been acquired. Along with intensive training that all Invisalign providers will have been through, those with Platinum Elite Invisalign accreditations have gone the extra mile to deliver a huge volume of treatments to a vast range of patients. Experience cannot be underestimated when it comes to orthodontics and the Platinum Elite status provides crystal clear proof that anyone displaying this logo is superior both in terms of training and expertise in this field.

An Invisalign Platinum provider carrying the elite status will be completing over 81 treatments per year and as such will be able to anticipate the success of using Invisalign on a particular patient. They can also identify any pitfalls and adjust the treatment plan as required to provide a seamless, successful outcome for a straight set of teeth. Patient satisfaction is a huge motivator for experienced clinician, and those with Platinum Elite Invisalign status have certainly achieved this goal.

Am I A Candidate For Invisalign?

If you’re interested in achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of, the first step is to contact us for a FREE smile evaluation so we can assess the existing condition of your teeth and advise on how realignment could work for you. Each individual has a different idea of the results they’d like to achieve and it’s important for us to discuss how Invisalign could work for you as a treatment. If you decide to proceed, then instead of taking messy dental impressions, our dentist will use a top of the range ‘iTero’ Scanner to capture detailed 3D images of your teeth.

How Does The Treatment Work?

These 3D images are used to devise a bespoke treatment plan for you. This plan takes the form of a 3D video called the ‘Clin Check’ and it provides an accurate representation of the before, during and after stages of your Invisalign treatment plan. Your customised aligners will be created using this Clin Check, and you’ll typically wear each set for 10 days, gradually improving your smile until you’re ready for the next set.

The cost of Invisalign varies between treatment plans, so the best way to obtain a quote is to contact us for a free consultation. Finance options are available to help spread the cost into affordable monthly payments over a period of up to 5 years.

The Essex Smile Centre is proud to be an Invisalign Platinum Elite provider as part of the MiSmile network. Your smile will be in great hands when you trust us with this fantastic procedure. Call us on 01268 919021 today!