Porcelain Veneers & Whitening

A challenging case with severe discolouration, crooked upper incisor, crown and new bridge on upper arch.

After previously having a fixed brace with another practice, this 40-year male patient presented with severe discolouration and crooked upper incisors.

His teeth were also aesthetically compromised by wear and tear, requiring a crown and a new bridge in his upper arch.

After completing a full smile evaluation, this patient’s treatment began in February 2021 with a course of teeth whitening to lift the discoloration several shades.

Once the patient was satisfied with the shade his teeth had achieved, our team proceeded to colour-match 6 porcelain veneers, a bridge and a crown before fitting.

The ‘after’ pictures were taken 3 months after case completion. These photos demonstrate the excellent results you can achieve with porcelain veneers alongside maintenance for a natural-looking smile.

For further treatment information see: Smile Makeover

Treatment completed by

Dr Declan Keane

BDS (Sheff), LDS RCS (London), Dip Hyp.

Principal dentist Declan qualified from Sheffield University in 1989. He worked in Australia and London before joining the Essex Smile Centre in 1997. Together with his brother Stephen, he took over the management of the practice from their father Denis in 2004.

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