Dental Emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime…

At The Smile Centre, we hope you never experience a dental emergency. For those who do require urgent dental treatment, we do keep emergency times set aside in our day to accommodate dental emergencies. We will always do our best to deal with your emergency in a swift and comfortable manner. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact The Smile Centre as soon as possible for assistance. Emergencies will be seen on a first come first serve basis.

1. What is a dental emergency?

The following qualify as Emergency appointments:

  • Severe toothache with pain radiating to eye, ear and / or throat
  • Kept awake at nights and uncontrollable with painkillers
  • Pain with Swelling and Temperature
  • Trauma to the face resulting in broken teeth

These do not qualify as emergency appointments, but will be treated as urgent appointments:

  • Lost or loose Crowns
  • Broken Dentures
  • Broken fillings or teeth with some or little sensitivity
  • Bleeding from the gums

2. What do I do on a weekday and weekend / public holiday?


Please ring the practice as soon as possible. We allocate these on a first come first serve basis


We offer an on call system for all our Private and Denplan patients. We are open on a Saturday till 12.30pm. On Sundays / bank holidays the messages will be checked at mid-day and returned at the dentist earliest convenience. Any messages left after this time will not be heard. You must therefore wait until the following day.

3. What if I am an NHS patient?

NHS patients will need to ring NHS Services on 111 (dial 111 from your hand set) They will then assess you to see if you need to see a Dentist. If this is the case then you will be given a number to ring. You can opt to ring our private helpline and pay for any advice, treatment or medicine on a private basis.

If you are suffering from a Dental Emergency and would like to arrange an appointment at The Smile Centre located in Rayleigh, Essex, please contact us.