Please find below an approximate price list The Smile Centre, Rayleigh, Essex, UK.

It is important to note that these prices are a base fee only and will vary depending on the severity of your individual case. Before any treatment is commenced you will be provided with a detailed treatment plan and quotation.

Comprehensive new patient examination £72.00
2nd Opinion without X-Rays £88.00
Routine examination (existing patient exam) £44.00
Small x-ray £13.50
Full mouth digital X-ray £42.00
Emergency treatment / temporary filling from £100.00
Prescription or advice £54.00
Routine appointment with Hygienist £49.50
Intensive appointment with Hygienist £69.50
Extensive appointment with Hygienist £94.00
Extra extensive appointment with Hygienist P.O.A.
Fissure sealant from £35.00
Course of periodontal treatments from £500.00
Composite small (white filling) from £95.00
Composite large from £185.00
Composite artistry from £275.00
Cosmetic Crowns (metal free) from £695.00
Tooth whitening (home kits) £395.00
Enlighten tooth whitening £575.00
Smile makeover assessment and wax up from £475.00 per arch
Occlusal assessment £325.00
Smile lift porcelain veneer from £750.00
Headache & Clenching Prevention
Grinding appliance – Chair side £195.00
Grinding appliance – Laboratory made (With Slide Bar) £395.00
Snoring Prevention & Sports Guards  
Somnowell Appliance – Chrome £1450.00
Somnowell Clear £699.00
Sleepwell £375.00
Blue Pro £199.00
Sports guards / Mouth guards from £100.00
Amalgam (metal) from £80.00
Root canal treatment
Root treatment (front tooth) from £295.00
Root treatment (Pre-molar) from £365.00
Root treatment (molar) from £450.00
Crown and bridge restoration
Bonded porcelain Crown from £550.00
Re-cement Crown/bridge from £100.00
Bridge (replacing one tooth) from £1500.00
Full dentures (acrylic) Upper & Lower from £995.00
Full upper OR full lower denture from £620.00
Chrome metal partial denture from £995.00
Flexible partial denture from £850.00
Dental Implants
Implantologist consultation fee £95.00
Implant procedures from £2300.00
Miscellaneous treatments
Planned tooth extraction from £105.00
Invisalign Basic Package (incl. Free smile evaluation, Full mouth x-ray, Clinicheck Video, Invisalign
treatment & 1 Set of Essix retainers)
Lite Case (Under 14 Aligners) £2495.00
Invisalign Premium Package (incl. Free smile evaluation, Full consultation & Dental check-up, X-rays,
Scale & Polish/Hygienist appointment, Teeth Whitening, Fixed bonded retainer, 3 sets of
Invisalign Vivera Retainers, Contouring)
Lite Case (Under 14 Aligners) £3695.00
Full Case (15-29 Aligners) £4395.00
Severe Case (30+ Aligners) £4995.00
Six Month Smiles
Six month smile assessment £195.00
Single Arch (inc. assessment, treatment & retention)Both Arches (inc. assessment, treatment & retention) from £2100.00 – £3600.00
The Inman Aligner
Inman assessment £195.00
Treatment per arch £1750.00
Orthodontic Retainers
Removable £125.00 each
Fixed retainer £250.00 each

Finance available for some treatments, please ask your Dentist or our Reception Team for more information